Gastro nights :

Maison Estraques is delighted to offer you the opportunity to make use of our on site catering service.

Whether you wish to treat yourself to a Gastro Night or just fancy a Night Off, Richard, a graduate of the Westminster school of Culinary art, who has worked in both London and New York,is at your service.

The GASTRO Night menu provides the opportunity to sample some of the delicacies of the South West including Fois Gras, Garlic soup, the Chasselas grape, as well as some excellent local cheeses.  The equally delicious, but more simple "Just a night off" menu will ensure that you dine without the tedium of clearing up afterwards!

For further information please ask at time of booking.  A welcome meal service for day of arrival is also available, and we can also cater for that special occasion, birthday, anniversary etc. sample menus>>





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